Discover Why Female With Crochet Braids Updo Attracts Many Men

Discover Why Female With Crochet Braids Updo Attracts Many Men

One of the important signs of attractiveness and stylishness for both men and women is a beautiful hairstyle (check this out). Would you like to know why men really like a crochet braids updo? It is difficult to say precisely about what haircut is the best for men, since there is no universal style or hair color. But what is literally on your head is one of the important features that the man is guided by when choosing a girl.

This style may be a real surprise even for many women. Do you want to know what it is? It’s definitely time to discover it, especially if you are single and in search of your special one. Try to impress stranger on the first day and maybe he even will become your life partner!

Bright & Impressive

Crochet braids updo made of different kinds of hair that are literally “crocheted” into your head. They are braided into cornrows by a professional who use  a special hook tool. The whole process however is relatively quick and you will be pleased with the result.

Whatever type of hair you have, synthetic fibers of premium quality give the hair volume and shape. This type of updo offers a number of options for styling:

  • straight hair;
  • curly locks;
  • twists;
  • braids;
  • faux dreads.

In fact, such hairstyle creates less tension on you scalp skin than ordinary braids.

What Men Look For

Read some interesting facts why guys adore girls with crochet braids:

  • Many guys prefer girls with thick, lush, long hair. But they must be well-groomed. Then this is a clear sign that the lady has no problems with health.
  • It is very important that the hair looked natural, any trick in the form of accrued curls or hairpieces disappoint the man. It does not matter how long it will take to bring your hair into proper shape, a man will appreciate it. But keep in mind that the excess dyes, the scents of mousses and varnishes can push it away.
  • Elongated hairdo is also among the favorites for the opposite sex. Long-haired beauties attract men regardless of the color of the braids. Well-cared hair is sign that the girl is active, eats healthy food, and spend much time outdoor busy with sport exercise.  
  • Stylish asymmetry gives the woman mystery and charm.

Men who like glamorous and sexy women, definitely will not be against these hairstyle with such great fantasy. It visually lengthen the face, beautifully opens the forehead and make an expressive look.