Pendants designed by
Navajo master jewelry designer,
Calvin Begay

MY25 - $170
Teardrop (squared) pendant
with mosaic style inlay

MV85 - $130
Pendant arrowhead style lapis inlay

MZ91 - $120
Pendant Bear Cobblestone Inlay

Calvin Begay Navajo pendant
MV86 - $65
Pendant round orange shell
in silver channels

Native American red shell inlay pendant
MW65 - $210
Oval pendant red shell &
lab opal inlay

MW02 - $385
Yei figure pendant with
cobblestone inlay

Calvin Begay black and white  pendant
MW70 - $495
"Formal" pendant Jet with
magnisite inlay

Calvin Begay Navajo pendant
MU33 - $165
Teardrop pendant tiger eye,
jasper, wild horse inlay

Calvin Begay green and blue turquoise inlay pendant
MY47 - $300
Oval pendant green &
blue turquoise

Navajo modified teardrop inlay pendant by Begay></a><br>
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Egg-shaped pendant, shell,
lapis, turquoise inlay

round pendant with Calvin Begay Navajo inlay

MY53 - $80

Pendant, round turquoise &
shell inlay

turtle pendant with inlay by Navajo Calvin Begay
MY35 - $210

Pendant turtle checkerboard
shell & lapis inlay

Calvin Begay turtle pendant

MW92 - $180
Pendant turtle multistone
channel inlay

MY50 - $190
Turtle pendant jasper, onyx,
tiger eye inlay

Navajo Calvin Begay butterfly pendant
MT30 - $190

Pendant butterfly shell, jasper
channelwork inlay

MY26 - $170
Pendant dragonfly, shell, onyx,
lab opal inlay

Calvin Begay Navajo kokopelli reversible pendant

MW58 - $210
"Formal" kokopelli pendant,
jet, magnisite inlay

Calvin Begay crescent kokopelli pendant
MY15 - $135

Crescent pendant kokopelli,
shell, turquoise inlay

Calvin Begay Navajo kokopelli pendant
MW95 - $295
Pendant Orange shell kokopelli

MY37 - $135
Pendant, Red shell, lab opal
crescent kokopelli

kokopelli pendant in turquoise and lapis channelwork
MY20 - $135
Pendant lapis and turquoise
inlay kokopelli

kokopelli pendant by Navajo Calvin Begay
MY33 - $135
Pendant of multi stone
inlay kokopelli

Navajo kokopelli jewelry
MY24 - $270
Pendant of mosaic
inlay kokopelli

Kokopelli pendant Navajo jewelry
MX04 - $245
Turquoise, lapis, inlay
pendant kokopelli

Begay kokopelli Navajo pendant
MX03 - $245
Kokopelli pendant, of
multistone inlay

Navajo Calvin Begay bear pendant

Bear pendant tiger eye,
jasper, wild horse inlay

Calvin Begay Navajo bear pendant
MY19 - $220
Hollow bear pendant,
multistone inlay

Calvin Begay lapis and silver bear

MW06 - $55
Bear pendant lapis in
silver channelwork

Calvin Begay mosaic inlay bear pendant
MY51 - $220
Bear pendant mosaic inlay
reverses to silver

Reversible bear pendant by Calvin Begay
MY14 - $285
Bear pendant reverses
to etched silver

Calvin Begay turquoise bear pendant
MU64 - $225

Turquoise bear channelwork
inlay pendant

Navajo jewelry turquoise bear pendant

MW63 - $210
Turquoise, opal, magnisite
inlay reversible bear

Navajo bear pendant by Calvin Begay
MY49 - $220
Hollow bear pendant, mosaic inlay

Navajo Begay small bear pendant

MW04 - $55
Small bear pendant,
silver channel work

Calvin Begay Navajo lizard pendant
MV22 - $280
Lizard pendant circle,
lapis, sugilite, turquoise

horse pendant with Begay cobblestone inlay/></a><br>
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MY30 - $140
Pendant horse silver &
cobblestone inlay

white buffalo inlay by Begay on silver horse head pendant
MY31 - $135
Pendant horse head, elegant
Dry Creek turquoise

Dry Creek turquoise

MT26 - $190

Turquoise inlay channel work
pony pendant

MY17 - $110

Horse turquoise & silver
channel work inlay

MY45 - $190
Pendant horse head turquoise,
onyx, opal

Horse's head pendant with jasper and tiger eye inlay
MW05 - $75

Serene horse head pendant,
tiger eye inlay

Silver and inlay heart pendant
MU95 - $145
Pendant heart, inlay,
tooled silver bezel

Calvin Begay heart pendant
JY87 - $140
Heart pendant, inlay reverses
to silver scene

Heart pendant in sugilite by Calvin Begay
MZ63 - Sugilite - $175
Pendant reverses to etched
silver hearts

Native American Calvin Begay heart pendant

MW74 - $165
Pendant heart shell,
lapis inlay


These one-of-kind Calvin Begay
Navajo pendants each qualify for our
Native American Jewelry Layaway plan

Otherwise dial 1-800-305-0185 toll-free.

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